• Antony Henry

September 14, 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

It was an auspicious day. And I had no clue about it. A few weeks earlier, I was busy reading up, making phone calls to long forgotten crew members, and connecting with people, asking them to connect me with more people. What I learnt in this process is, ask people to get connected with specific people. If I had asked Chander, CEO – FSHI, “Please connect me with some environmentalist”, I am sure, he would never have. I specifically asked him to connect me with Mr. Leo Saldanha. It just happened.

But, what happened on September 14, 2020, the most auspicious day, was, something I never dreamt of! I had prepared a laundry list of questions to ask Dr. Yallappa Reddy. The great man, asked me to film someone else, first. I had no clue who he was. The security guard led us to his wonderfully designed home. He extended a bright smile and said, “You are Henry, right?” “Please come in.” I just connected like a student connects with his teacher, after many years.

Dr. Yallappa Reddy made us feel at home. His greatness, I felt, lies in his simplicity, and in his genuine love for Mother Nature. I was stupid enough to ask him to introduce about himself. He walked down the memory lane and spoke from his heart. I did not open the iPad at all, to ask the laundry list of questions, I had prepared to ask him. As we wrapped up, I kept thinking that Karnataka was blessed to have him as a Forest Officer. India and the world at large, needs more people like him. Like a giant tree, he now nurtures many saplings, under his canopy…

I called up Narayan towards the end of the day to tell him about the most amazing day I had. He asked, “Did you know that today is the most auspicious day?” “Really? I had no clue,” I said. Narayan informed me about the conjunction of six planets in one house, that day!

The question that kept lingering in my mind, ever since, was, should you start something good on an auspicious day? Or do good things just happen on an auspicious day? Whatever the answer is, I am convinced that when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it…



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