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Is this pain worth enduring?

As a documentary filmmaker, the closest analogy I can think of, to compare this painful journey is the Mountain Man of India.

First, you need tremendous amount of passion for a cause. It should fill you to the brim. It should engulf you to an extent that you find the strength to push forward, inch ahead and keep moving, even if it means you get pulled down, every time you climb up.

Second, documentary filmmaking is like running an obstacle race. Unlike the race, the obstacles in this journey are highly unpredictable. One of the books that I keep referring to, whenever I feel low and disappointed is, ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’, written by Ryan Holiday.

People who have made real difference, people who have brought about real change, and people who have inspired real following, are people who have negotiated the obstacles on the way, with immense grit and gumption, irrespective of the enormity.

Despite knowing it’s a herculean task, despite knowing it’s ridden with obstacles, despite knowing that it’s a painful process, is documentary filmmaking worth pursuing?

Absolutely! Without an iota of doubt.

The secret weapon to successful documentary filmmaking career is not getting funded, is not having a great subject, is not signing on an award-winning director; it is being resilient with a tough mindset.

Joe De Sena founder and CEO of Spartan Race Inc., says, “the ultimate combat sport is business”. (Article by Laurie Mega – Foundr Magazine). Documentary filmmaking is business!


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