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What made me kickstart this film?

I had been planning to make a documentary film on the issue of Peripheral Ring Road, in Bengaluru. Basant, a close friend suggested that I join a WhatsApp group. I did. Like a new broom, I kept posting a lot of sweeping statements. But, a few days later, I realized that I should dust myself off, and leave armchair activism and get on to grassroot problem finding.

And that’s how the journey began. Mind you, I was not interested in just finding the wrongs. I was more interested in unearthing the solution. So, this film, titled 33000 – A Planned Massacre, won’t bombard you with, “PLEASE DON’T FELL TREES!”

This film will make you go deep into the root cause! I invite you to journey with me. Keep watching this space fore more information on the making of this film. Wish me. Bless me. Support me. And I promise to make it impactful.



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